MedifriendRx PWS

Kiosk Touchscreen App


MedifriendRx is owned by a company which builds and maintains pharmacies in medical clinics. Some clinics are too small to house a pharmacy, so this company developed a machine (PWS) that dispenses prescriptions to patients. Medical Assistants must use this built-in touchscreen app on the PWS to help patients retrieve prescriptions from the machine.


Interface design, user experience


Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Client Breifing, Brainstorming
& Sketching

  • Brainstormed and sketched out interface ideas with client; client stated a need to have all three 'phases' of each prescription's review process displayed simultaneously on the main view
  • Eventually decided on a rough layout of 3 vertical columns for the main view, each representing one phase in the review process
  • Discussed requirements for remaining dispense-process and inventory-management views

High-fidelity Mockups
& Visual Design

  • Per client's request, jumped straight into mid-high fidelity mockups for all views; client would review them, iterations would be made if necessary
  • Used the same color scheme and visual elements utilized on the MedifriendRx Web Portal for the final, polished design to ensure brand consistency