MedifriendRx Portal

Enterprise Web App


MedifriendRx is owned by a company which builds and maintains pharmacies in medical clinics. Some clinics are too small to physically house a pharmacy, so this company developed a vending-style machine that dispenses prescriptions to patients. However, before a prescription can be dispensed, a pharmacist must remotely review and approve the transaction via this web portal.


Interface design, user experience


Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Client Briefing

  • Client explained the desired product's core purpose and functions, only some of which were present in the previously-existing web portal app
  • Rough overview: a pharmacist (user) would have to approve, reject and see reviewed prescription dispense attempts, review machine activity and adjust inventory, access relevant personnel’s contact info, and more using the new web app
  • Took inventory of all relevant features, functions and other elements in the existing web app

Information Architecture & Sketching

  • Grouped all required views and sub-views in an intuitive manner and presented this rough layout to client for approval
  • Created a formal sitemap to keep everything in order at a glance
  • Expanded on approved layout by sketching mid-fidelity mockups for portal views

High-fidelity Mockups
& Visual Design

  • Client requested we jump directly into high-fidelity mockups after sketching; client would review completed mockups and iterations would be made if necessary
  • Chose a soft blue for the brand's main accent color to invoke a sense of calm and trust, specifically because an additional accompanying MedifriendRx product would be patient-facing